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Vegan Cacao Sipping Chocolate Recipe 

  • start with high-quality, ceremonial-grade 100% Cacao (I like Cacao Labs)

  • 1st-time Cacao sippers, start with a small dose like 1/2 oz  (about 1 large TBSP); seasoned sippers can use up to 1.5 oz (about 3 large TBSP)

  • if using solid bar form of Cacao, finely cut or grind the Cacao into a fine powder

  • heat 8-12 oz purified water on stove (NOT microwave)

  • remove the water from heat and slowly add the Cacao into the water

  • add a little bit of your favorite non-dairy creamer and some honey or maple syrup if you desire

  • Sit in a peaceful space, slowly sip, and enjoy!

 ***NOTE- The bitter flavor of Cacao is one of its biggest health benefits. See if you can sit with this flavor and let it work its magic with you before adding too much sweetness. 


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