During an Acupuncture session, your comfort is paramount. We will discuss your health history, and there is a thorough assessment of your whole self during your first visit. Following sessions will involve checking in and discussing progress and/or anything new that arises after previous treatments.

You will relax on a warm table, under cozy bedding. The lighting will be soft, and the music soothing. After some question and answer, Becky will form a Diagnosis and decide which points to administer. The  atmosphere I create allows clients to move into a deep state of relaxation so that healing on multiple levels can occur. 

Initial Treatment ~ 1.5 hours ~ $150

Return Treatments ~ 75 minutes ~$100

Package of 5 Return Treatments ~ $450

(All treatments include Herbal Consultation. Herbs are sold separately.)


Becky Sheftall, L.Ac, MAOM, Dipl. OM



Herbal Medicine is considered to be the “substance” part of this healthcare modality (while Acupuncture is considered to be the “energetic” component). Just as pharmaceuticals are the “drugs” in Western medicine, Herbs are prescribed (when needed) alongside Acupuncture. While both Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine do work exquisitely by themselves, they assist each other and can help make the other more effective when used


I carry 100% ORGANIC CBD oil, which is completely legal and without any psychoactive properties. CBD has proven to be very effective for a wide variety of conditions. Please ask if you have any questions about CBD

For those who are not interested in Acupuncture, Herbal consultations are available. Herbs are a wonderful way to experience this healing modality without receiving the needling. A 1st-time Herbal Consultation lasts one hour. A follow-up Herbal Consultation lasts 30 minutes. Follow-up Consultations can be done over the phone, in the case that you are on-the-go and simply need a refill or a slight adjustments to your prescription 

Moxa, Cupping, and Gua Sha are all available and included in the treatment when determined appropriate for the individual case.


Moxa, or Moxabustion, is an herb called Mugwort. It is finely- ground and rolled into a stick burns similar to incense. Brought close to the skin, but NOT touching the body, the purpose is to bring warmth to specific acupuncture points. Mugwort, as an herb, has an effect of increasing OR slowing circulation.  It is used to bring blood and Qi to an area, or stop reckless blood flow in an area. Moxa is wonderful for scar tissue, acute or chronic areas of pain. It is very nourishing and tonifying, while relaxing to the whole system. 


This is a technique used to increase circulation of blood, Qi, and lymph below the skin and in the muscle layers. The aim with cupping is to increase circulation to an area in order to promote healing. Cupping is an excellent adjunct to acupuncture sessions, and is used for chronic or acute muscle pain, tightness, sprains, strains, or to move congestion in the lungs during a respiratory infection ("colds"/ flu).  Cupping also feels wonderful (similar to deep tissue massage or myofascial bodywork). Some circumstances are contra-indicated for cupping, such as pre-existing bruising, skin rash, broken bones, pregnancy, bleeding disorders, and anemia. 


Gua Sha is another ancient Eastern method of increasing circulation to the surface of the skin and in the muscle layer. A gua sha "spoon" is used to "create friction on the skin and produce "sha", or redness. Slightly different than cupping, this method helps to reduce scar tissue and inflammation, especially for older, more chronic issues.