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Stone Medicine

A note from Becky on Stones...

I have always loved rocks and stones, since I was a little girl. I used to collect rocks and bring them inside to my Grandmother for her to tell me about them. She gave me my very first book on rocks and stones, which I still have, today. 

I have since studied stones and minerals for decades on my own, learning from Robert Simmons and Naisha Ashon. I have also studied with the Jade Purity School's 88th-generation Daoist Priest, Jeffrey Yuen. 

Stones carry energetic frequencies that can affect and enhance the Healing Experience.

With your permission and if it resonates with you, in your Healing Experience sessions, I will often incorporate certain stones to enhance the energies and assist your physical and non-physical bodies with movement, shifting, letting go, and relaxation. 


 Stones specific to your Healing Experience may be placed on certain chakras or acupuncture points, or in a grid around your body during Acupuncture. 

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