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Relax, breathe deeply...


During an Acupuncture session with Becky, your comfort is paramount. You will discuss your health history, and there is a thorough assessment of your whole self during your first visit. Following sessions will involve checking in and discussing progress and/or anything new that arises after treatments.

Then you will relax on the warm table, under cozy bedding. The lighting will be soft, and the music soothing. After some question and answer, Becky will form a Diagnosis and decide which points to administer. Insertion is with your breath, and is meant to feel pleasant. Becky creates an atmosphere that allows clients to move into a deep state of relaxation so that healing on multiple levels can occur. 

Becky works with issues including migraines, colds/ flu/bronchitis/ strep, allergies, shoulder pain, back pain, sports-related injuries, fertility issues, hormone-related/ menstrual conditions, thyroid imbalance,  stress, PTSD/ trauma, depression/ anxiety, addiction, diabetes,  fibromyalgia, other autoimmune diseases, arthritis, high cholesterol/ blood pressure, insomnia, RLS, plantar fasciitis, recovery/ rehab from physical accidents, raising consciousness, getting into the Heart space, flooding the body with high frequencies of light vibration, and more. 

Becky has received extensive training that enables her to utilize 3 different styles of Acupuncture: 

Classical, Traditional, and Esoteric. 

Classical Acupuncture is the style from the pre-Communist era of China. In this style, there is a focus on the spirit and psycho-emotional aspects as well as the physical, encompassing the  whole person.


 Traditional Acupuncture (commonly called TCM) focuses on the use of the 12 Primary Channel Systems. TCM is on-point for treating acute issues such as flu, physical pains, and many chronic diseases. 

Esoteric Acupuncture is a unique approach that reflects the teachings of Ageless Wisdom.  The emphasis is on wellness,  expanding  consciousness, and helping each of us find our "puzzle piece" in this lifetime by getting more in touch with the energy of our Hearts. Esoteric Acupuncture engages the creative right brain, and helps us access the higher realms of our own energy fields, those that exist above and beyond our physical forms. With Esoteric Acupuncture, the 7 lower chakras are re-aligned, and the Lightbody can be activated. Guided meditations and visualizations are used to connect sacred geometrical patterns on and inside the body, which brings in and increases one's "light quotient".  Grounding into Mother Earth is also an important aspect of these treatments, to help with "anchoring" and sustaining these higher frequencies into the body.

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