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7-Day Malic Acid Cleanse for the Liver & Gallbladder

If we cleanse at least once per year, we will have a more optimal life! 


Cleansing the Liver & Gallbladder organs can release toxins and balance us physically, emotionally and mentally. The Malic Acid Cleanse softens gallstones and gets rid of old bile, leading to more movement and clearing in the digestive system. Getting the bowels moving, emptying, and increasing elimination is extremely important with any cleansing or detoxing. 


Even though it can feel like a mountain to overcome, and it can feel difficult to make the first step towards letting go and allowing for change, I invite you to try this gentle yet very powerful cleanse.


Here are just a few benefits of cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder:


  • better functioning of organs & cells

  • clearer/brighter skin

  • healthier hair

  • increased elimination

  • weight loss

  • more mental clarity

  • better sleep

  • more energy

  • better sexual functioning

  • increased fertility

  • hormonal balance

  • deeper breathing

  • more relaxed

  • more positive outlook and attitude in life

  • longer life

  • more vitality

  • better quality of time on Earth

  • elimination of gallstones

  • prevention of 100's of diseases

  • elimination of parasites

Cleanse Directions:


1) For the first 6 days:  Take 1 Malic Acid pill (500mg each) 3X/day (with or without food)


2) On eve of 6th day:  


At 6 PM: take 1 TBSP epsom salts dissolved in 1/2 cup warm H2O

At 8:00 PM: repeat

At 10:00 PM: take 1/2 cup (organic) grapefruit juice with 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

(1st cold pressed, organic)


3) On morning of 7th day:


(before eating) Take another 1 TBSP of epsom salts in 1/2 cup warm H2O 

2 hours later: repeat 

You will be increasing eliminations during the morning.

***Stay close to a bathroom for a few hours***

(You may see "sand"-like BM's which is evidence that old bile and residues in the Gallbladder have moved out). 

***Give yourself time and gentleness for this process***



I recommend Genestra brand Malic Acid

500 mg per capsule

***(contact me if you would like to purchase from my office, OR I can have it mailed directly to you)***




FEWER PROTEINS during Cleansing is best

(Proteins slow down digestion, and thus slow down the detox process, potentially making you feel worse during the Cleanse).


Focus on lightly-steamed veggies, brown rice, and broth-based soups to aid in elimination.

INCREASE GREEN "SUPER" FOODS (spirulina, chlorella, dark leafy greens.)


Raw salads and veggies are good IF your digestive system likes raw foods and can completely digest them.



Drink filtered water if possible, at least 2-3 liters per day or more. 

Animal products are OK if your body needs this, but try to reduce as much as possible.

AVOID foods that come out of packaging/ processed foods. Reduce or eliminate sugar, alcohol, dairy, and  wheat products (noodles, breads, wheat crackers, etc).


  ***Ask me if you have any questions or need more meal suggestions during this cleans*** 

This is the perfect time for an upgrade for your Body & Spirit!


I believe in you!


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