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Lightbody Activation

Scientific evidence has shown that when vibrations of lower, or denser frequency are exposed to those of a higher frequency (such as with sound or light waves), the lower, denser frequencies fall apart and cannot sustain existence. This is also true of disease-causing agents in the body, such as cancer cells and other viruses, as well as lower-vibrational thought patterns that can lead to emotional disorders. 

Activating the Lightbody is the action of flooding the body with high-vibrational frequencies that then "turn on" and amplify the body's own source of Supreme Light, with the goal of the breaking apart of any potential pathogens or lower, denser frequencies. This is  also a very important step in activating the connection to the Higher Self and being able to sustain higher frequencies in our daily lives. This can mean living a happier, healthier, more self-actualized life. 

Lightbody Activation can occur with Esoteric Acupuncture and  activating all of the lower 7 chakras and increasing the "light quotient", or the frequency of light and positive energy in one's physical and non-physical bodies. It is extremely beneficial for healing, on many levels, to increase the frequency of light and energy within ourselves. Activating the Lightbody can help link our multi-dimensional self with the infinite universe, opening doors to deeper healing on physical and non-physical levels.


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