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Acupuncture often encourages the body to let go and release, and it is helpful to know how, and where, to let go.


During certain sessions, when it is called for and resonates with you, Becky may invite you to ground into Mother Earth, and she will guide you with some simple visualization or technique. 


Grounding into Mother Earth is a key component of being able to sustain a happy, healthy life.


If we can release un-wanted energy from our physical and non-physical selves, we can stay more centered in the present, and in the Heart-space, and we can experience more balance and well-being.

Grounding means to make connection with stable, solid Earth beneath us and release the lower 3 chakras, especially, letting anything go that is not serving our highest selves, our highest purpose, or that is not of our highest essence. Mother Earth is available to us for this release, and our letting go into the center of Earth. She will take whatever we do not wish to carry and turn it back into light. 

When there is blockage, or holding on,  physical and non-physical symptoms can result (such as physical pains, infertility, digestive issues, anger, irritability, stagnation in Life, fears, and more). 

By grounding and releasing into the earth, not only can these issues be resolved, but we can also experience a sense of deep calm, and we can have a "clean slate" each day, making way for higher frequencies to exist within us, which is the goal of Esoteric Acupuncture.

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