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Allow yourself to receive a Healing Experience...


Cupping is a technique used to increase circulation of blood and lymph below the skin and in the muscle layers. The aim with cupping is to increase circulation to an area in order to promote healing.  Becky uses "Fire Cups", which are made of glass. Suction onto your body with the cups is created with heat. Cupping is an excellent adjunct to acupuncture sessions, and is used for chronic or acute muscle pain, tightness, sprains, and strains. Cupping also feels wonderful (similar to deep tissue massage or myofascial bodywork). If you are interested in cupping during your session, it will be determined if cupping would be appropriate for you. Some circumstances would be contra-indicated for cupping, such as pre-existing bruising, skin rash, broken bones, pregnancy, bleeding disorders, and anemia. 

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