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The first time I received Acupuncture was in northwestern India in 1999. The Tibetan practitioner and I could not communicate with spoken language, and yet through feeling my pulses and looking at my tongue, he could treat me and resolve the issue I was having. I was fascinated, and a journey began.

With a lifelong interest in health & well being, I arrived at Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine on my own healing path decades ago. I used Acupuncture and Herbs to help me recover from a surgery, and to sleep more soundly, and to find more stillness and balance in my life, among other things.  And I have since learned how to nurture my desire to help others with my practice of Acupuncture and Eastern Herbal Medicine.   


I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. I obtained a B.S. from the University of Georgia, and later completed the 4-year Master program for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Daoist Traditions College of Oriental Medicine in Asheville, NC. I  have been treating clients since 2013.


As a surfer, mountain adventurer, runner, cyclist and environmentalist,  I have cultivated my connection with Nature and its healing powers for decades, and I bring these energies into the work I do with clients. 


I am a Licensed Acupuncturist in South Carolina and North Carolina, and I hold a National Board Certification in Oriental Medicine (Herbal Medicine) from the NCCAOM. 
I studied Qi Gong and learned Stone Medicine with the Jade Purity School's 88th-generation Daoist Priest, Jeffrey Yuen. And I completed Levels I, II, and III Advanced Esoteric Acupuncture training with Dr. Mikio Sankey in Boulder, Colorado.

I have also enjoyed three mentorships for furthering my connection with Ageless Wisdom and the Divine Feminine, and currently I am continuing a 2nd, advanced study in the  treatment of infertility with TCM and Herbal Medicine. 


I believe in the powers of therapeutic touch, and before becoming an Acupuncturist and Herbalist, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in Hawaii in 2007, and have also been trained in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and Healing energy work from Kumu Karen Leialoha Carroll,

on Oahu.  

I offer cupping therapy, Gua Sha, and therapeutic relaxation massage with all of my treatments. 

​I see both male and female clients, welcoming ALL

persons of any race, religion, or  gender/sexual orientation. 

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Your healing is your own.
You are the creator of your path.​
I believe in you. ​
I am your helper...
Guiding you to embody your most strong,
happy, & healthy self.
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